Michael Carroll, Co-Founder & Head Brewer

A native of suburban Chicago, Michael Carroll first began as a certified Chef, graduating from the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont in 1995. Over the past 20 years, he has traveled across the U.S. and world, cultivating his diverse culinary talents and passion for brewing.

Carroll’s ingenuity served to bolster the regionally inspired creations of Nantucket Island’s American Seasons, Cory Schreiber’s landmark farm-to-table menus at Wildwood in Portland and Thomas Keller’s authentic French bistro fare at Bouchon in Napa Valley. Carroll also boasts extensive experience at various restaurants in the Caribbean, prior to joining Alinea’s service team in 2006. He rapidly ascended through the ranks as a food runner and back waiter before becoming the only baker in Alinea’s 10-year history. Carroll’s talents took shape in innovative bread recipes aptly paired with Achatz’s highly progressive cuisine.

In 2009, he chose to pursue his beer brewing ambitions, taking a position as a brewer for Half Acre Beer Co. in Chicago. Since then, Carroll has exhibited a mastery in brewing traditions, and a number of his original recipes have graced the tables of many popular Chicago restaurants, notably including Achatz’s Next Restaurant.

Band of Bohemia fully showcases Carroll’s ability to craft beers that specifically pair with the foods being prepared, adhering to the philosophy that one can create a unique beer that is appropriate, if not essential, to a finer dining experience.


Craig Sindelar is a Midwest native, with a distinguished career in the restaurant industry that is comprised of over 20 years of exceptional service experience at a number of award-winning establishments throughout the U.S. and worldwide.


 Beginning along the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the early 1990s, Sindelar has showcased his distinctive talents at restaurants across the country and abroad. After establishing residency in Spain in 1998, he served as Assistant Manager at Hotel Castelar in Santander before securing the position of Assistant Sommelier at the Michelin two-star Akelarre Restaurant in San Sebastian. During his European tenure, he was the first American selected by the Spanish Ministry of Work and Social Subjects to attend the respected Hotel-School “Bellamar” in Marbella, Spain – an exclusive school only admitting sixteen applicants each year. In 2003, he graduated with Top Honors as an E.U.-certified Sommelier.

 Upon returning to the U.S., Sindelar was integral to the successful opening of the highly anticipated Pluton Restaurant in Chicago in 2004, where he was responsible for managing the wine program and assisting in the orchestration of service.  Shortly thereafter, Sindelar was asked to join the opening team for Alinea, Grant Achatz’s internationally acclaimed, Michelin three-star venture, in 2005. Sindelar served as Alinea’s Head Sommelier beginning in 2006, until the opening of Band of Bohemia in late 2015. Sindelar’s personal accolades include:

  • 2006 Jean Banchet Best Sommelier

  • 2007 Mobil Travel Guide “Best of the Best” Service Award


Gilberto Gomez-Gonzalez, Executive Sous Chef

In the role of Executive Sous Chef, Gilberto Gomez-Gonzalez has proven to be a crucial member of Band of Bohemia's culinary team and direction under Chef DuBois. 

A 2009 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Gilberto has held numerous leadership positions in some of the most illustrious kitchens in Chicago. He's an esteemed veteran of Alinea, Longman & Eagle, Perennial Virant and the Waldorf Astoria before joining Band of Bohemia in early 2016, shortly after the restaurant had opened to the public.

As Executive Sous Chef, Gilberto's highly creative nature is essential to Band of Bohemia's incredibly dynamic approach to both cuisine and elevated presentation. His uninhibited point-of-view on the necessity of pushing the boundaries of the culinary brewhouse's ever-evolving fare has helped to establish Band of Bohemia as a quintessential dining destination.




Francisco "Pancho" Resendiz has been a foundational member of Band of Bohemia's opening team since November 2015, and quickly rose to a leadership position in the kitchen as Sous Chef.

A 2010 graduate of Kendall College, Francisco has honed his culinary prowess and astounding sense of creativity in high-end kitchens throughout the country and city of Chicago. His talents have been flung far and wide on both the east and west coasts, from The Ausable Club in upstate New York to the Yosemite Majestic Hotel, formerly the Ahwahnee Lodge, in Yosemite National Park, California. A native of Chicago's South Side, he returned to the city in 2014, taking on a position at acclaimed, upscale Andersonville hotspot, The Brixton, before joining Band of Bohemia's ranks in late 2015.

Drawn to the seemingly endless possibilities and varied culinary sensibilities wrought by the restaurant's concept, Francisco has taken charge of Band of Bohemia's custom-made grill. His perfected expertise has found its home at the helm of the kitchen's living, breathing wood-fire centerpiece -- setting the stage and tone for the culinary brewhouse's truly unique dining experience.



Mario Lopez is essential to maintaining Band of Bohemia's outstanding service standards and seamless guest relations in the position of Lead Server.

A core member of Band of Bohemia's opening team, Mario is a Venezuelan native, with deep roots in Boston. He refined his warm, highly approachable service presence and profound knowledge base during his decade-long stint at Josh and Jen Ziskin's La Morra Restaurant in Brookline, Massachusetts before turning his sights toward Chicago to join the service team at Grant Achatz's flagship restaurant, Alinea. He excelled in his role as front waiter, and credits his extreme attention to details and efficient, welcoming service style to his time spent in both cozy, family-run establishments and Michelin three-star environments.

Mario's anticipatory, first-class service perfectly complements the finely tuned talents of Band of Bohemia's specialized culinary and beverage teams -- aiming to offer an unparalleled, pairings-based experience worthy of acclaim and emulation.


Tom Santelle, Head of Coffee & Tea

Tom Santelle is among numerous Alinea vets to join the team at Band of Bohemia, where he was responsible for innovating the coffee and tea program to match Grant Achatz's highly inventive menu. In addition to Alinea, Santelle's experience includes service at the acclaimed Ellipsis Coffeehouse in Rogers Park.

Under Santelle, Band of Bohemia’s coffee and tea program will adhere to the same pairings-based philosophy upon which the team’s ambitious concept is based, with the intent to focus on characteristics, such as acid, sugar, minerality and a sense of place to aptly complement both food and beer.